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Aston Martin DB6 MKII

  • Steering Wheel:
  • Transmission:
  • Fuel Type:
  • Year:
    1971 (J)
  • Colour:
    Pale Primrose Yellow
  • Doors:
  • Interior Trim:
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  • 1 of only 245 built
  • Manufactured¬†16th December 1970 - making this example the 3rd from last of line
  • Matching number
  • Finished in its original¬†and exquisite¬†colour combination of Pale Primrose with¬†Ebony interior
  • Benefitting from a host of non-standard period options¬†
  • Formally¬†registered in Switzerland¬†
  • UK Historic registration¬†
  • Over ¬£40,000 of works just carried out
  • Finished in its original colour combination of Pale Primrose Yellow (ICI) coachwork with original Ebony Black Connolly hide and Charcoal Grey Wilton carpets. Special order chrome wire wheels with three ear spinners and the following period options;
  • Automatic transmission
  • Passenger head restraint
  • Radiomobile radio and 8 Track entertainment entertainment system

Our DB6 was completed on the 16th December 1970 making it the 3rd from last car to roll off the factory before this series was discontinued. Supplied new via agents HROwen London, the MKII stayed in the same ownership for the next 20 years before passing into the care of its next lucky owner who cherished the car for a further 27 years before it left the UK and made its way across the Alps to Switzerland. In 2007 the car was sold to its 3rd and final owner. Invoice on file for 200,000CHF which must have been close to record price for MKII 16 years ago.

Works mechanical works carried out include the following:

  • To inspect vehicle and advise on condition replace battery in order to try to start vehicle
  • Drain off complete fuel tank and system
  • Flush out stale fuel from tank and system
  • Remove and replace fuel pump and in line fuel filter
  • Remove carburettor's and send for specialist overhaul and rebuild to correct spec
  • Refit, set up and tune engine replace spark plugs and distributor contact set and condenser
  • Reset ignition timing to suit
  • Strip out front suspension remove and replace road springs
  • Shock absorbers and all suspension rubbers
  • Replace lower wishbone reactor rubbers and perished inner wishbone rubbers
  • Strip out and overhaul kingpins, replace all gaiters, all king pin thrusts and balls
  • Readjust ball joints to suit
  • Remove and replace perished anti roll bar link bushes
  • Strip out front hubs, inspect all bearings, replace grease and front hub seals
  • Remove and replace track rod ends, adjust steering geometry to suit
  • Strip out and overhaul braking system
  • Remove and replace brake master cylinder, replace both brake servo units, strip out and check operation of brake callipers, replace all flexible brake lines
  • Bleed out brake hydraulic system replace all fluids to suit
  • Replace all brake pads
  • Replace brake reservoir caps
  • Strip out and replace both perished engine mountings
  • Replace gearbox mountings
  • Check gearbox and rear axle oil levels
  • Remove and replace leaking engine oil cooler and pipes as required
  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Strip out and replace exhaust system replace all exhaust mountings and realign to suit
  • Replace exhaust manifold gaskets
  • Check all electrical functions and systems
  • Rectify alternator fault and not charging
  • Remove and replace alternator unit
  • Replace ignition system coil for correct spec and rewire to suit
  • Rectify fuel gauge not working, remove and free off tank sender unit

Parts and sundries: 

  • Fuel pump
  • 2 Front road springs
  • 2 Brake reactor balls
  • King pin thrusts
  • King pin lower balls
  • Lower seats
  • Upper seats
  • Shims
  • Front shock absorbers
  • Tab washers
  • King pin gaiters
  • Lack tab
  • Inner wish bone bushes
  • Roll pins
  • Hub seals
  • Anti roll bar bushes
  • Engine mountings
  • Gearbox mountings
  • Rebound rubbers
  • Windscreen washer motor
  • Wiper blades
  • Track rod ends
  • 2 brake servo units
  • Manifold gaskets
  • Battery
  • Reservoir caps
  • Master cylinder
  • Complete exhaust system
  • Mountings
  • Petrol filter
  • Front pads
  • Rear pads
  • Points set
  • Spark plugs
  • Condenser
  • Ignition coil
  • Alternator
  • Drive belt
  • Oil cooler
  • Pipe
  • Top wishbone Rubber bush
  • Oil filter

In addition to these mechanical refreshments the original Connolly leather has been beautifully restored and a brand new set of Wilton carpets have been made, hand cut and trimmed to fit. On file we have AMOC Heritage records, former bill of sale, a copy of Swiss registration title plus factory build records. These MKII cars in our view are the best of the series running from the first DB4 which were unveiled to the world in 1959. Over years the series benefitted from continuous technical development in the case of the series 4 there were 5 variation before the model changed with the DB5. Then came the MKI DB6 with its refreshed body design.  A total of just 235 MKII's were built in both left and right hand drive making this the rarest of the entire series. In comparison there were 935 DB5 saloons built. Not only are the MKII's the technical pinnacle but today represents superb value for money.

On the button road ready awaiting its next adventure across the Alps!

Now available for viewing at the DD Classics Dealership in London, please call 0208 878 3355 for more information.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the above information but errors may occur. Please check with a salesperson.

  • Technical Data

    • Engine and Drivetrain
      • Steering Wheel
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    DD Classics
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  • Steering Wheel
  • Transmission
  • Fuel Type
  • Year
    1971 (J)
  • Colour
    Pale Primrose Yellow
  • Doors
  • Interior Trim
  • Body Type
  • Engine and Drivetrain
    • Steering Wheel
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